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Tree of Life Leather Journal - 7 Inches

Stunning brown leather journal is perfect for your Book of Shadows or as a ..


Gods Eye Brown Leather Book of Shadows 7 Inch Journal with Latch

Hand tooled leather book cover has an embossed Gods Eye and embedded stone ..


Hamsa Embossed Leather Journal with Latch

Embossed Hamsa design on the cover of this brown leather book has a brass l..


Caduceus Amulet for Healing

Symbol of the medical profession since ancient times, the sacred serpents..


White Sage Leaves Loose Herb

The California White Sage Leaves & Clusters are favorite for smudging a..


Porcelan Ceramic Tea Pot

These colorful ceramic tea pots are perfect for every day use and are compl..


Persephone Tea for Renewal

Going down to the underworld and rising up renewed. When you've been overwo..


French Lavender Flower Ultra Blue Buds

French Lavender has a wonderful, floral fragrance. Great in potpourri and b..