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Garnet Orgone Merkaba Pendulum

Garnet orgone merkaba pendulum is made with metal chips, resin, quartz crystal and garnets.

Garnet Orgone Merkaba Pendulum at Tree of Life Journeys, Reconnect with Yourself - Meditation, Law of Attraction, Spiritual Products
  • Garnet Orgone Merkaba Pendulum at Tree of Life Journeys, Reconnect with Yourself - Meditation, Law of Attraction, Spiritual Products
  • Orgone Merkaba Pendulum
  • Height: 1 3/4 Inches
  • Contains: Garnet
  • Silvertone Chain and Accent Bead
  • Our Price: $12.95

Garnet Orgone Merkaba Pendulum

Orgonite pendulums clear the aura of harmful energies and awakens our inborn psychic senses. This awakening frees the pendulum to give insightful, balanced answers. When not using as a pendulum, hang it in your home to keep away negative energy. Great for healing and Reiki work too!

Merkaba pendulum contains garnet for use in clearing, balancing, meditation, reiki, and energy work.

Hand made orgonite pendulum is about 1 1/2 inches tall with attached chain and bead accent to hold comfortably in your hand. Note that these pendulums are individually made and may vary in size and color.

Item Number: AA-GPOMGAR | Approximate Size (Inches): 0.35 wide x 0.35 deep x 1.75 high | Approximate Shipping Weight: 0.10 lbs.

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